Wednesday, April 25, 2007

needle felt pussman

And to finish, a nice ribbon and a bell!
I'm satisfied for the moment.
It was already very late!

With embroidery tread I make a nose and 2 eyes( I think the eyes have turned out too small?)
more arm and legs and a tail and I'm almost finished. I thing my animal is not quite "firm" enough but thing have to go quick with me. I put some more grey spots and its OK!
But now??
Emily had kind of a duck lookalike,
Then i decided to put a grey ear, and ... it became a pussy!
And now i had to try the arms! I really loved doing this. Mmmm

Danger, strong change off addiction!!!
They should be mentioning this on this needle felt materials. Yesterday the lady of the "cats & Quilt blog" convinced me to try one. So we drove to the shop en (off course!) I was immediately infected! So after a hard day of work i tried it out. In the beginning i thought; no this is going nowhere, i did not know at that stage what i was making. But constantly pricking with my needle i got a little grip on it. It was so relaxing! My daughter could not sit and watch so she joined me,Also not knowing what she was going to make. After a while i got a head and a little body.

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Sabine said...

cute and cuddly. I finished my bunnie yesterday night. And yes, this is a very dangerous addiction!