Sunday, November 1, 2009

hello again!

Well at last, pfff, here I am back after a long struggle, Sorry but my mind was occupied elsewhere, trust me I have been busy.
Since a few weeks I have a new addiction and thats why I wanted to share this,
I make stuffed animals now.
It started buying a kit to make a bear and I liked it and I made a second one and one more and another...
Then I wanted to make my own design and here they are. Well, the bears became pussmans , of course :)
Will you help me finding some names??


rosanna said...

Welcome back! I'm happy to see you around again. What about your house? Did you get it finished? Have a nice day Rosanna

Sabine said...

A few names for your pussmans:: fluffy and puffy, muffin, poppy, lily, kittie.
Are you going to make them nice clothes?

Kim said...

ah, they are so cute! Welcome back from me too :)

Liberty Biberty said...

So lovely to have you back!