Monday, March 8, 2010

Lazy day

I decided to have a lazy day today!I wanted to work in the morning!Realy I did, but it's monday and I have to make a cover for a book and have no scetches fot this and I really am not in the mood. It started snowing again and that took away all my energy I guess. I started of this morning, thinking that I was going to draw, but instead I did all kinds of other things wich I normally do not like either( Like ironing, vacuing)
It's better to leave it for today and make a fresh start tomorrow!
Then I might be working faster to, It's often like that.
So now I have pored me a big cup of coffee in a bunnykins cup and I will post some pictures,
Then I will fill the bathtub, take a bath,
put on the fire while we heat up the leftovers from yesterday and work on a new pattern for a small pussman in the evening, with my hand dyed mohair!(While I watch TV or listen to a book) I am alone tonight and sometimes I really enjoy that! Doing wathever I want.
Mmmm I already long for it!
I made this sweater and it fits him well
This is the strangest creature I have ever made! I will call him Flippy!

I did not use this ink pot today! he he he !!

My doughter is infected to, She made this pinguin for her boyfriend's birthday. Not from a pattern, I think he's cute :)

And the family is growing to fast, I am in urgent need off more costumers or we will have to build an extra room!
Empty cup, and now in to the bath!!

Oh I really enjoy this lazy day, hmm!


Sam said...

Your Teddys are gorgeous! I have been thinking about setting up a 'teddy' shop but I'm a bit nervous! I had an idea to make a toy and paint a little picture of the toy too!

Its just a shame teddy making is quite expensive!

Bye for now

Sam xx

Ps if you ever wanted to do a swap...let me know!!


Peach Blossom Hill said...

Such precious teddies and critters and I love the bunny mug. I should be in my basement just now accomplishing something but am up here on my couch visiting around to my fellow bloggers and I will be drinking a cup of coffee this afternoon to keep going--just not in a Bunnykins mug! LOL!