Friday, August 13, 2010

New bag and new bear.(reserved)

For a long time I wanted to experiment a little with doodling embroidery.
I finally did it and it was  fun to do, I really enjoyed it!
I also discovered a way to draw your drawing on a piece of fabric without trouble.
I hate it to do it with a pencil, it just don't work.
In stead I used water solube felt markers from Caran D'ache.
You just make your drawing, free hand and emroider on the lines, then you wash your fabric (or your finished bag) in a gentle soap and all the markings disappear.
I tried it first on a dish cloth to be sure.
So easy and fun! :)
You can use different colours (I wouldn't use black or very dark colours, just to be sure)

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Anonymous said...

I tried my first freehand drawing/ embroidery recently. This is a great idea - thanks! And Bonker is adorable!
Thanks for popping over to visit me - I just added your blog to my blogroll.
Happy day to you,

Anonymous said...

The embroidery looks lovely Danielle, I like the new bear as well! x