Thursday, November 4, 2010

Always a mess

When I make a bear, or wathever I make, it always ends in a mess,
I think no one spends so much time in organising things (especially crafty things)
like me, and still always it is like this! :(
I begin cutting the fabric, cleaning my desc, sorting pieces,,, so far okay, then the sewing on the sewing machine, ,, a little mess, Than more sewing, handsewing, plucking the mohair,
,,,and,,, little bit more mess,
but then, jointing, colouring, eyes,,,everything, and in the end it's always like this!!
What is that with me??
When I am finishing something , I always forget about the mess and only see what becomes of my creations, than the work is finished and I am surprised seeing the mess! Any tips for me???

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KATI said...

Great cat! I love cats. We have three cats at home :) One of them is black and white.