Friday, March 11, 2011

Not enough time

You see, how empty my desk is?
My sewing machine with no bears to stitch??
It will be like this for a while now.

I have so much work to do, all these illustrations, I can not see the end yet!
It has been already 2 months I work on the same book and still it's not finished.
160 pages and almost on every page a drawing!!!
And that's not the end, more work after that!
I woud love to cut down on my drawing work and spend more time, organising my bear making.

And my arm hurts from coloring with the wacom all day!!
And I have a computer elbow too!
And a frozen shoulder to!
Just wanted to complain a little bit, ;O

And you see the dog??
He is in love with all the female dogs in the neighborhood at this moment and he cries all day, and he wants to go out, in ,out, in,out,in... again!!!
OOOO he makes me crazy!!! HIM MAKE ME CRASIE
This flat bear, has just taken a red bath, But he dates from last week-end, I didn't have time to take his picture yet! I will post him one of these days, have to find a name also!!
Maybe it will be a girl.
I have receaved some lovely vintage dresses in the mail.


Ooh, and don't forget to visit the "online bear show" tomorrow, 8AM NY time


Ingrid said...

I want to wish you much strength, there are those times when nothing is going as you'd like. It is certainly in order. Everyone wants the occasional complaining, nothing wrong with it.
with love

June said...

I know what you mean sometimes there are not enough hours in the day and something has to give. Good luck with the drawing for the book. I have shown your bears again on my blog and mentioned you!

Lucy said...
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Michelle May said...

It's so hard to fit everything into one day. Seems we are more busy than ever. I hope your shoulder and arm get better. Not fun!
Poor doggie is as mad as a March hare. ;)
xx, shell

Joanne@ Desertmountainbear said...

This post made me smile. You complained with such humor.

Mare said...

You certainly have every right to complain and we will listen as we can all relate in one way or another! It seems to me i either have too much going on or am complaining about not having anything happening! hahaha Poor doggie..all those females out there just waiting for his attention! I absolutely LOVE the color of your bear in progress. Can't wait to see how s/he looks all put together! Have a good weekend....

IRIS said...

Hi, Daniƫlle,
I am sure, you will be able to do everything in time. Good luck!