Tuesday, August 16, 2011

They still need some working on

I am working at 5 bears at a time now, One is still sitting in the mohair and needs to be cut.
I have stitched 4 of them, one is almost stuffed and still needs some belly stuffing eyes and nose, That will be a fox!
Then I have 2 bunnies(a pink and a green) and 2 bears, a little red one, and a natural classic big one.
I have no idea what there names will be, colour eyes?
They will all be OOAK :)
I plan to take them with me on the bear fair in Bruges,
That way I will have something to do, while I sit there.
Can't imagine just sitting there.

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Mare said...

I always take my knitting and crochet bag with me wherever i go and get some work done while i sit...doctor offices, lunch, car rides, visits....I feel like i am wasting time if i just sit there! :)