Saturday, September 10, 2011

Bruges bear fair

Hi, I will post some pictures of the bear fair in Bruges,
It was not a succes I have to say,
The weather that week-end was so lovely, the best this summer, so just nobody came to the fair, after all this rain! GRRRRRRRR

Lucky for me I was very fortunated to meet a very sweet Russian lady, who sat next to me, she had wonderfull bears and had a shop in Praag. You can visit the shop "here " 
Her name is Marina Dorogush and she also makes bears.

And it was so hot in the big room, but it was a lovely setting!

In the evening, me and my husband had a lovely meal in a good restaurant and we had a long late night walk.
I never visited Bruges in the dark, it was lovely, so funny to be tourist in your own country, I am not used to that, 
Belgium is just to smal for that, but I loved it!

Look at the Belgium chocolat in that shop window!! Lucky for me, the shop was closed, or I had to have some, yummi :)

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Joanne@ Desertmountainbear said...

Your stand looks beautiful. And it is so nice to see a picture of you.