Monday, November 7, 2011

by accident

This little guy was born a little bit as an accident. Actually I was trying to make a copy of a previous big pink bear I made earlier, but I ran out of Pink and tried to handdye some of my natural coloured mohair.

Somehow it turned out a little bit different than I expected and the mohair had schrunk so much that I had to use another colour to finish the bear, I never made a clown bear like this before, but I did not have any choice now, so here is Henry and well I like him as he is, I love the colours combined like this, and had autumn inspire me, His intended fresh pink had turned out to be the most lovely autumn orange that you can imagine.

I ordered some pink mohair in German already and I hope this time I will get the right colour, but well, no harm done.
Henry had already a big hug from me.

I couldn't resist to take some pictures, but the colours are not good in this poor light, I will take proper pictures tomorrow in daylight.

1 comment:

Michelle said...

He's adorable! Simply adorable!
Love him so much!