Saturday, July 14, 2012

New studio

The 2 first bears, created in "my own" :) new studio.

Finally I have a place of my own, where I can work in peace.
Unlike how it was in the living room, where I had to clear the table with every meal.
I sooo love my little new studio, everyone should have a space like this, to be creative.

 Still needs some finishing touches, and a double door with glass in, but they will be installed at the end of august.

The studio was already there,

but me and my husband worked there together in the beginning, but after a few months things went a little bit hectic and I really could not work in that mess.After 2years of frustration I had the brilliant idea to divide the space in 2 and to make a walk in library space in between, where he can put in all his books, and my space is for my things only! Yes! :)
I'm filling my studio up with all the stuff to paint and draw and the teddy bear making stack, that is a lot! I just finished putting my mohair there...

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