Thursday, August 9, 2012

Two new kittens(adopted) and a giveaway

I have been working on a new pattern, and am pleased with the result, Here they are, Pussycat(grey) and Pinky Pussman

The poodle dog I would like to offer as a giveaway, I have bought it a few years ago, with the intention of restoring it,
But I have this dust allergy and don't really want to do it anymore.
However it is a cute vintage toy, and when you like doing this you could refill and restore him. He has to be washed etc, and refilled with new exelsior.
Please let me know, when you would like to do this and convince me to give him to you!
All you would have to pay is the shipping, That would be 15USD to Belgium, 20USD Europe and 25 USD everywhere else.

Bye, I hope I find someone

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