Sunday, September 9, 2012

flea market

Always dangerous for me to go to a flea market.
Even when it is a very poor one, with nothing than rubbish! I still find something , always!!
The best rule is: if you buy something new, trow away something.
Well I think I did thatthis week, with cleaning up our hall way.:)
 I just can't resist china, especially if itso cheap! :) 1€
 My daughter wanted this vintage flash light 1€
 I loved this green vase
 Watering can, 0,5€ :)
 Pretty small buttons for the bears trousers and stuff
For my daughter, There was a lot of green.

 vintage kitchen tools, Those schnittfix tools are gret to cut bread. My husband is a big fan :)

 a pretty basket
a collection of matches in a pretty box, to put by the open fire

 this pretty sewing basket for 0,5€
 And the fabric flower for free! :D


June said...

Dear Danielle,
Lovely finds. I love that green vase!

pussman said...

Yes june, my favorit to!
Also the most expensive thing! :)