Monday, May 27, 2013

Not the sweet trolley cart, but the bear makers studio trolley cart

Hi, I bought this handy trolley last week in IKEA, and if you are a bearmaker, who likes to work in front at the tele in the evenings, you got to have this, I love it! Before, at the end of the evening, my sofa was a mess, full of needles and tools, threads, pliers....pincushions,little boxes with eyes...
It's much easier to work this way, I made the final stitches on these 2 tonight
The dog is already fast asleep in the background  :)

 every bear maker should have a studio trolley, I love it.


Deborah Darling said...

Hi Danielle, that is a great idea, I am in the uk and am going to check out if they have one here, plus those bears you have just made are real darn cute !!! xxx

Lithopsland said...

Perfect idea! Thanks Danielle. Nice new co too. :)

karin said...

hi Daniƫlle, dit is grappig. Vorige week kocht ik bijna zo'n trolley.
Ik heb een (oude) tea trolley van Alvar Aalto, daar kan best veel op maar er zijn geen hoge randen aan en dus valt er af en toe wel iets af. Misschien toch beter ook de ikea-versie gekocht
groetjes uit Oostende,
ps: mocht je ooit zin hebben in een swap, geef je dan een seintje? bere-swap, niet de trolley :o)

Lisa said...

I have to get one of those carts! I do the same thing and end up with needles loose everywhere at night and bear body parts here and there. Love the green guys on the table! Sooo cute!