Saturday, May 12, 2007

what my vroefke likes doing

being superior...
sitting in boxes...
Sitting behind windows while it's raining

Rest and relax after a walk

All kinds of things; she likes dusting in the seller


Sabine said...

She is a real star!

knittin gin said...

What a good looking cat!

Thanks for asking about my dog Max – he’s doing very well. He just had his annual exam at the vet and he’s in very good condition for a 10 year old shepherd. My husband and I never had any kids, so our pets (three German Shepherds and three cats) are like our children. I’ve been meaning to post more pictures and info about all of them.

Wow! You have five kids and you work! You must be very busy. I’m impressed you can find time for your blog. You must be good at managing your time!


Inhae Lee said...

I love him! I used to have cats before I met my boyfriend.(he has bad allergy reaction toward to cat so therefore no neko chang.. sigh*)