Thursday, February 12, 2009

A fabulous book

I received this book last week and I enjoyed it already every day, It is really beautiful and everything in it well explained.
I tried to make this little childrens bed, but I must say "it looks easy but it is very difficult"
Mine is very clumsy but I don't mind. The matras is soft!
The description is in the book.


marlies said...

Hoi Danielle,
Ik heb t boek ook, mooi he?
Nou ik vind je bed heel goed gelukt, mag met zo'n "oud" bed toch een beetje geleefd zijn?
De stoel vind ik ook prachtig!
groetjes marlies

Debbie said...

I think your bed is wonderful. Well Done.
Mini Hugs

Lena said...

Just lovely pictures you have on your blog!