Thursday, February 19, 2009

HipHip Hoeraa!!!I

I have 10 followers and I want to thank them for showing their interest in me, I never had so much followers before.
Well I did not have one follower at all.
Except for my dog and my children (when they where very little)
But I kind of like it, and it certainly gives me a certain drive and energy. Maybe there will be less posting, because I really have to get on in the new house, we move in 70 days and there is still a lot to do!
Today I wanted to paint a whole room and I still am washing the walls.
hate that part!:(
Posting is also (maybe) good for practising my English(which is very bad) and also a little bit Italian. (that's even worse)
Tomorrow I will post ,to you all, a lovely welcome picture, but battery is too low at this moment!
Bye X


Liberty Biberty said...

Hi! I love your miniature cakes, they are amazing and the little bed you made is just beautiful. Thanks for writing in English. You have a lovely blog!

sylvia said...

Ik dacht dat ik je al volgde, maar ik ben er weer één.

groetjes Sylvia

Alessandra Sorrentino said...

hehe thank you so much for your comment on my little Julius, who's not so little anymore, he's just 5 months now and already seems like a huge -but still handsome- lynx :)
your "black bear" is lovely as well! what's his name?
but most of all...oh my goodness your miniatures are GORGEOUS!!! O_O great work!

Alessandra Sorrentino said...

oh! I've just noticed you speak a little Italian ;)
..dove hai imparato?

rosanna said...

It is a pleasure to pop over and have a chat. Good luck for the move :o))

Piipa said...

Thank you very much visiting my blog :)
You have a lovely blog!!