Wednesday, February 10, 2010

NO, no more snow!!

NO, no more snow!!I do not want it. This morning when we woke everything was covered again!!Just when we started to think that spring was in the air, I am not in the mood for it. This is the thirt time it starts all over again.
And nobody was expecting it!
We had a 1000 km traffic jam in Belgium. I guess that would be 750 miles +_??
That is 3 times the lenght of our country!!
It had never happened before.

And I long to start working in the garden!
We still have to design it!
Maybe we should concentrate on that!
So sorry for the bad spelling!


Pearly Queen said...

Yes, same here in the Haute Vienne. I will be cut off again!

Sam said...

I was just much do your bear cats sell for..I would love a bear cat based on my cat Silkie sue....and can save up my pennies ;)

Love Sam xx

pussman said...

Hi Sam,
You can find a etsy link on the right side of my blog and at my other blog there is also a link to bear pile.
There you can see the prices.
I am so curious to see the result of your secret black bear you are working on.
How is the weather in Bath

Danielle X

Sam said...

Its me again...thankyou for leaving a message. I'm definately going to try and save some pennies for a bear/cat...of Miss Sue (If thats possible ) xx

sam xx