Wednesday, September 1, 2010


35cm (14")

Gregory is a sweet bear made from short pile German mohair, he has beautiful glass eyes and a crocheted cotton jumpsuit, decorated with a Russian badge.( I have now idea what the discription means! ;)
He has a ribbon and a bell and he has a well loved look.
His feet and paws are made of soft velvet.
Gregory is looking for a home to live in and be loved!
He is a strong bear,made of quality materials, he is fully jointed with 5 cotterpins.
Gregory is vintage looking.
He will be for sale on bearpile and etsy.

1 comment:

Katie Grace said...

You've got the touch! This is adorable in all the ways possible. I wish so badly that I could purchase him!!! He will find the best home, I just know it.