Thursday, September 16, 2010

Welcome Stanley!!My lovely swap dog.

This morning , very early the dog was barking very loud, got out of my bed and still very sleepy had to sign for a package! A lovely fine decorated package :)
It was worth ed, look what was inside!
My Swap with Sam from Silkiesue arrived.
He was just gorgeous!! So sweet and he brought a little antique kitty! So sweet!
Thank you Sam!
Stanley is still more beautiful than I had hoped for!
I really love him very much!!! MMMMM
In the beginning he was a little overwhelmed by all the bears, he looked at me! HELP me??
But now he is feeling much more confident and is hopping around here.
I think he will feel at home very soon!

You can visit the webside of Silkiesue and see wat was the swap from me to Sam.
Just visit


Zuzu said...

Ahhh, such a sweet swap!!!

Joanne@ Desertmountainbear said...

Wow! What a sweet dog. I know you were secretly hoping for a dog. Glad you got your wish. He is just wonderful.

Sam said...

Phew, glad he reached you safely!
Thankyou for swapping with me xx

Love Sam xx

brikebrok said...

looks like a fox terrier ! so cute !