Saturday, March 14, 2009

2 awards

Thank you Rosanna for giving me this blog award and thank you Minicat for giving me the sisterhood award.
I will pas them trough to some blogs that I have in my link list but not especially miniaturists ,
otherwise we keep running in circles.
All of them you can find in my link list, (I do not know how to paste links into my posts)
For the awarded people(just pick your award)

The award goes to;1)Crazy bird (she makes all kinds of things and has nice pictures, she lives in Russia)
2)Double happiness(she makes beautiful paperworks)
3)Inside a black apple( she makes beautiful dolls and paintings)
4)face hunter( he is a photographer and takes pictures off special people in various city's)I love watching this blog
5)Isas little world( she has a beautiful blog with lovely pictures and links(they will inspire you for the minies (I love listening to her playlist to:)
6)Emmi's illustration blog( she can draw beautiful things)
7)Cats & Quilts( she's my best friend, has a lovely fresh blog , loves her cats and knits real well;)
8)The cheap vegetable gardener( When you love gardening, there are wonderfull tips on this blog)
9)Mimi Kirchner ( she makes the most beautiful dolls)
10)Jessie Hartland( she has lovely art)


Trudi said...

Thanks for the award! (:

crazy bird said...

Thank you for the award! :)

Blue Muse said...

I'm so happy that you liked my blog enough to visit it, and liked enough to bestow an award to it! I'm honored! Truly.
Thank you so much!
xo Isa