Monday, March 2, 2009

An award

Thanks Mercedes(from Liberty Biberty) for giving me this award.
I feel that maybe I do not deserve this award, because I am such a newcommer in the miniature world, and there is so much I have to learn, but I am very glad!:D

The rules connected to this award are;Write down 5 addictions

Well, here are 5...
1)I'm addicted at making things, this could be all kinds off thing, book shelves, multiply plants, painting, a miniature, a knitting things, crochet,stitching, fimo, clay, throwing a pot......
A day without creating something is a lost day for me.
3)movies, I like to watch movies,
and even if it is a bad one, I like to know how it ends.
4)Fabric and lovely paper and sketch books.
I have so many fabrics to fill 3 lifetimes.I will never be able to use them all!
Every blank piece of paper, lying around somewhere, is full with little drawing within a couple of day's
They call it droodles I think.