Monday, March 2, 2009

witch house in trouble

Today I took a look inside the witch house and I wonder how you begin a cleaning and tidying operation in a dolls house?
A few times I started doing this, but everything has this wax on it,
because the house used to move a lot in the past and I fixed everything with tacky wax, but it has become dirty and sticky now and I want to take it off. Someone any suggestions?
The picture is not very nice because I had to use the flash.


Liberty Biberty said...

I don't know what to do about the tacky wax either, I hate the stuff. I try and use blu-tack when I can, it's much easier.

nikkinikkinikki72 said...

Use a little craft knife to scrape most of the wax off being careful not to scratch anything. Then use baby wipes on everything. Makes it all smell nice and they are just wonderful for cleaning almost everything. If the baby wipes don't work, then put a little bit of glass cleaner on your baby wipe and wipe again.
That should work but if not then i dont have a clue what else to do.

The Carolina Quilter said...

I have a heat gun which might work unless it's on plastic. Probably Nikki's suggestion of a craft knife and wipes would be safer!

I love the witch's house and aged and dirty seems to fit--gives it that aged patina!


Debbie said...

I'm with Nikki, scrape off the wax and use baby wipes. Also hot soapy water will get it off, but then only use on glass or things that can get wet.

pussman said...

Thanks a lot, for the advise! :)
Mini x
I will try it

marlies said...

Daar heb ik ook nog geen ervaring mee, dus hier leer ik ook van.
Misschien n kwastje voor de stof?
* marlies