Tuesday, March 10, 2009

we once had a lovely wooden floor!

This are a few shots of our living room.
Now you can see why I have not been blogging the last few days:)
To many worries.
But they delivered new wood this morning ( while it was raining! OF COURSE!!!!)
I think everything will turn out well in the end!
I hope we will have enough time,
6 weeks to get everything done!


MiniKat said...

Hopefully things will get done quickly without any problems. Thinking of you.

Liberty Biberty said...

It will look so good in the end, you have the most beautiful windows. I love the fireplace. i hope it all goes well.

Anonymous said...

De foto's spreken voor zichzelf, goede moed!xxx

rosanna said...

It will turn out wonderful, like your fireplace and bow window. Keep up. Mini hugs

Sabine said...

Aiaiai.... try to look at the bright side!

kimsminiatures said...

Oh I'm sorry.. There must be a resaon. I love your bay windows. Wonderful. Mini hugs and positive thoughts.