Friday, March 6, 2009

bad luck

We had some bad luck in the new house,Last sunday we where relaxing in the pub and I told my friends that the works where almost finished in the new house and that we where pleased etc...
But I did not "touch wood"
So on Monday everything went wrong. there was a corner in our living room where the floor was a little bit lower than elsewhere, and in the fall I had noticed, that on that corner there where growing mushrooms on the external wall on that spot, so I liked it to be examined before we moved in. I must have felt it, I think, nobody else suspected anything. So they took a few wood panels out of the floor(Nearly 100years old pitch pine)and the supporting beams in that corner where a complete mess, Half off them weren't even supporting any more ( excuse my bad English)
So we had to decide if we would fix it and take the chance there where no other rotten places, or take all the floor out!
But the floor can not be taken out without being ruined.
There is non isolation beneath it, and it was kind a cold on your legs in winter.
So we decided to take the floor out (A lot of mess and a lot of money)
But I tell you the rest later + some pictures, have to go and get my daughter from a party.
Tats not all folks. That was the living room part.but...
(I still love the house)


Liberty Biberty said...

Oh, I hope things get better for you with the house. Our house is 80 years old and we are renovating, have had to fix floors and spent a winter without a ceiling in the kitchen, there was just a big open space up to the tin roof. We were living in the house, it was like living in a fridge! If you love the house it will all be worth it in the end!

MiniKat said...

Goodness! :-( I hope things with the house get better soon.

sylvia said...

Wat een ellende en dat terwijl jullie bijna klaar waren!
Sterkte ermee.

groetjes Sylvia

marlies said...

Danielle, wat een tegenvaller, da's ook nog veel werk zo'n nieuwe vloer, hebben wij ook een paar jaar geleden gedaan. Ik hoop voor je dat alles goed te maken valt en dat je vlug kan inruimen en lekker genieten van je mooie huis.
groetjes marlies

Maria said...

Oh dear, what you have been through.. I know the feeling.. We bought our house 7 years ago and we was lived in there one year and found exactly same.. we moved away for months and all the floors was opened and builded again as a new.. there was only walls in the house.. it wasn't fun at all.. Big hugs for your renovation!!