Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Little table

In all our stress I managed to make a little table this evening and I painted it and I finished the cabinet too, But the handles keep coming off!
What kind of glue should I use to attach aluminium to wood?
I lined the drawers and the bottom shelf with scrapbook paper and I think it has a cosier look that way!
I enjoyed making it and it relaxes me.
But my eyes are getting worse, I think I will buy a magnifiing lamp,(Help, how do you spell this?)


MiniKat said...

Have you tried Sobo glue?

pussman said...

What kind of glue is that?
The brands in Europe are different I think!
I will look for SOBO, Thanks:)

A. Wright said...

I've had good luck with regular carpenters glue, the heavy duty offwhite stuff. Otherwise a little spot of superglue when the other stuff just wont work.

MiniKat said...

Umm.. Sobo is a thick, white glue that is sold in craft shops in Britain, Canada, and the US. I am not sure what other brands are equivalent. I hope this helps.

MiniKat said...

You can also use a drop of thick white glue and a bit of superglue in combination. Do not use too much as it dries very quickly and will not wipe off if any leaks out from between the pieces you are gluing.

sylvia said...


Ik gebruik Tacky Glue of houtlijm.
Een druppeltje secondenlijm voor kwetsbare dingen erbij, wil ik dan ook nog wel eens doen.
Maar je kastje en tafeltje zijn wel erg leuk, toch wel prettig om eens wat moois te zien na die ellende van je vloer.

groetjes Sylvia

rosanna said...

I use Super Attack. It is cianoacrilate, dries very quickly and very fast. It glues most materials, I'd say it glues everything. The cabinet is very cute and you are right, a bit of paper inside the drawers and on the shelves makes the difference. Mini hugs

pussman said...

Thank you all!

The Carolina Quilter said...

Cute table. The stress will pass--and then there will be other sources of stress! LOL! Good luck with it all.

I use either wood glue or tacky glue for everything but I'm not any sort of expert.

Mini Leaps and Bounds

Maria said...

I have used this glue:

Lovely furnitures you made!

Ginie-Lee said...

Hi,thanks for the nice comment from you on my blog. I'm actually self taught.
Am thinking of making some patterns/kits available so will let you know, but be warned the miniatures are addictive!!!

rosanna said...

Good evening! i've given you an award: if you want you can come and pick it up

MiniKat said...

There is an award for you on my blog. Come pick it up if you like.