Tuesday, March 3, 2009

doormat and a shelf

this is all I used to make the shelve! Very simple as you can see. and the hooks are made from wire.

I had a couple hours of my own this afternoon and I enjoyed making this doormat and shelve.
It is the first time that I made a piece of furniture with cardboard and I really liked it!
I like the result to, It goes faster than with real wood and ...(much cheaper to)
The glue sticks better.
Mmmm, it relaxed me a little bit.
Because we have a little bit of misfortune in the house, but I will tell you about this later!


poketypatch said...

it looks so real! I was fooled at first. Very Nice Work.

Liberty Biberty said...

I love that shelf, I'll have to get experimenting with cardboard. What did you use to make the shelf with?
ANd I don't have any little birds for my birdhouses yet...I'll have to work on that.
I'd better get busy!

Lena said...

Very nice shelf you´ve made!
What kind of wood did You use?
HAve a nice day!

Debbie said...

Love the doormat and the shelve looks great.

marlies said...

Danielle, hardstikke mooi geworden!!
* marlies

Sassy Mini Dolls said...

Love the shelf and doormat! :) Marsha

rosanna said...

Have you really done them with cardboard? they are so nice, I have to try myself. Mini hiugs

Virpi said...

You have so many beautiful works here, I have to come back and take a better look around. The shelf is lovely. Please let me know when you get to chikens, I`d be interested!

Sabine said...

With cardboard?? Amazing, you have to show me all about it! Is it from the french book?

MiniKat said...

I wanted to say hello and that I really like the shelf. I found your blog via Nikki's and I really enjoy your minis.

pussman said...

I added a picture of everything I used for the shelve, Good luck!
It is very easy:)