Saturday, March 7, 2009

just a few things in between

I love to put containers on my desk to put all my stuff in, but I like them to look good
(the containers)
One night when crocheting in front of the TV(to keep me awake)
I was just doing some colours for a bag or something , did not yet know what.
I decided that it would look lovely to wrap around empty food tins to use as containers. this is the result, and the leopard was made by Emily (My daughter)I think he's cute.
This is an empty tin of nestle powder milk, which I wrapped with scrapbook paper and the green thing, is something I found on the street (I do not know what it is) I liked the colour and it is perfect to keep my tacky glue in the right position, I hate it to wait until the glue runs down
And then some books I ordered on amazon (again an addiction)
They are lovely! good to use up my tons of fabric.


Sassy Mini Dolls said...

Very clever! Years ago I used to cover coffee cans with Christmas wrapping paper and then put baked goodies in them as gifts. :) Mini hugs, Marsha

rosanna said...

When renovating a house there are always surprises ready for you. i redocarate ( actually rebuilt) my home five years ago and I still have nightmares!! Good luck for you new floor and very nice crochet. Mini hugs, Rosanna

The Carolina Quilter said...

I have so many books, mostly quilting which is my other thing I do besides mini's but also painting, photography, mini's etc. and yet there are that many more I want! Love your little containers and organizing tools.

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