Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Things to do

I will not be able to blog for a while. The blog and the puppy take a lot of my spare time and there is so much I have to do! For ex. I need to sort out all of our pictures we have taken in Spain. Need to clean the house, wash at least 5 machines off laundry! : (
Work in the garden, now that is still possible.
Move pot plants to warmer places.
And a lot more....
I will post already a few pictures from Spain, OOh , And forgot to mention the pict. of Italy and that's even more work.

hollow man

I enjoyed myself watching this video, the second time it's even better.

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Herding the cat at 6 weeks old

I wish my cat would act the same way, but she doesn't! Not at all!!

Jennifer Murphy

Look what I have received from America, designed by Jennifer Murphy! Isn't it cute??In just a few days they have arrived here, I was very pleased. Thank you Jennifer!Take a look at her web-site, It's beautiful : )

finished ripple

Well this ripple blanket is finally finished. For over a month now, but couldn't post it earlier. I really enjoyed making it. I almost felt sorry it was finished, it was so wonderful to work with all these colors. I have to be careful that Milan won't take it, because I would regret that.

Tuesday, October 9, 2007

cesky fousek in the garden

Not a good video, but you can see something.
Watch the chickens at the end, that will be a problem I guess.

Milan has arrived

Last Wednesday we could pick up the puppy. Finally!!!
The drive home seemed long, and when we finally arrived he was car sick. I felt so sorry for him, leaving from his mum and (still 2 left) brother and sister. the rest of the day he was a bit in stress I think, he had to throw up a lot. It was a bit of an unlucky day because all the children where at home, a bit crowded! People coming over to look, etc...
I was a bit worried.
The first night I slept in the couch, the puppy slept right next to me in a box.
That first night went very well. I went out for about 3 times that night.
The next day, children went to school and all went very well.
Next night same sleeping method. But I moved the box a little further away. During the day time I put the box in the bench, but with door open. He got used to it real well, Now he has slept here for 6 days now and he sleeps alone in his box in the bench in the living room and he did not cry ones. I think this is a friendly way off letting your dog sleep alone, This way he does not learn to cry in his bench.

The name was a very difficult issue, with so many people to agree, Finally his name is MILAN.
He is a very smart dog and learns very easy. I try to raise him in a friendly way, without getting angry, but this is a difficult matter, What to do if he keeps trying to get to the chickens every time I let him out. When he scratches the soil there, he does not hear me call, just ignores me. Good advise always welcome.

Milan is soo gorgeous, and beautiful too.

But it is a lot off work, and you can compare it a little bit with having a baby too take care of. Puppies need "a lot" of attention and patience. You really have to be a dog lover.