Thursday, May 31, 2007

time to sleep

Vroefke brought a dead mouse in, again, she (the mouse) is lying at my feet. Hooo, I hate this. The cat really thinks she makes me happy. She is looking so proud at me. I will bring the mouse outside and then go to bed. Vroefke does this almost every day, grrrrr! Poor mouse :-(

small bags

I crocheted a little bag for money and I was sewing a little bag for make up. Not now, a while ago!

little old things

I discovered a shoe box in our small, but very full studio today and it was full of old stuff that I made about 14 years ago for doll houses. It it so small, I do not think I could do that again. I took a few to photograph.

Wednesday, May 30, 2007


Trousers for him & a mini skirt for her


This one is definitely a male, I will make him some trousers later on. The funny thing about my pussmans, is that they are all so different. I still like making them, and I love the 100% wool that I stuff them with. I like that smell so much.

something old

This flower press I found in my studio, I made some of these years ago, (to sell in shops) Maybe I will use it again. Will have to buy some long screws.

Sometimes I think I want to buy a Vespa, but I love the old ones , and when you have one of those it's always broke I think.

Lovely bunches of flowers

These are some bunches of flowers from the party this Sunday, they where lovely, but when you take a picture of them,it is always like kitch. Don't you think so?

New fish (in a bag)

I bought a few fish today to put in the pond. Because our fish are always hiding, Sometimes it helps when you put new fishes, to attract the shy fishes, to come out of there hiding places. In Autumn there will be some tidying up of the pond,(far to much plants now!) but we can't do that now. It would disturb all wildlife. I hope they will live a happy life here, anyway it is better than the shop (I think?) Except for that big bird who comes bye, ones in a while.

Saturday, May 26, 2007

border week by week

Just a quick post before I go to sleep, because I didn't had any time lately. Tomorrow a big party over here with 24 people. Pffff!!!!But I wanted to post my border again, to share the progress.

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

our messy studio

Yesterday morning I had to finish this drawing, I really had a hard time doing this, because our studio is becoming a real mess. I thought there even was a smell. So after I had finished the drawing I spend the whole afternoon cleaning the studio. This is very difficult for me because the other person, with who I'm sharing the studio, "My loving and caring partner:)"does not seem to have trouble with messy studio's. He seems to like it. I will post some pictures of the mess to get some advice. Maybe some encouraging words for him, how he has to proceed now. Thank you! I hope I will get a lot of comments on this issue because it really is a problem:(

Sunday, May 20, 2007

silly game

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