Tuesday, November 26, 2013

crochet and some new critters

love to crochet dresses for my bears.
I never work with a pattern, just begin with a circle and move on,increase decrease, double crochet , single crochet is all you need to know. And crochet as you go :)
Then I try it on the bears, and then I can make a bear of the same pattern,in the right colour to match this dress.

Tattum and Witte, where  my models here. Tomorrow Tattum travels to Austria, but now I know, that I can use his pattern to fit this dress.
And Witte is still looking for a home to stay, she is not yet adopted, such a sweet kitten .

Some of my newest critters, I hope they will accompany me to Brighton next weekend

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

What I see in my stuffed livingroom

my handmade mirror

 small part of my collection

 Cute cat drawing from my oldest son with 6 feet :)

 my youngest son, long time ago, big boy now of 19
 our Milan as a puppy
 some bears I had difficulties to part with

 old painting, and a bear I did not list yet, because, he does not do well on paper, his mohair is so lovely, but so ugly on pictures.

Thursday, November 7, 2013

old suitcase

I found this old suitcase in a charity shop and would love to line it with a pretty paper, but maybe I should make a nest for my cat.
the small friend here, is a felt cat doll I made a while ago.