Wednesday, June 25, 2014

only 2 new bears in 14 days,

I have been very busy lately, and there seems there is never time enough to start a bear.
But I managed making 2 new ones, and there not bad :)
I have been busy illustrating and still will until the end of July.

For some reason, I stopped working on my bears in the evenings, like I used to because, I am to tired, and I need to be focused, to get my stitches well done. So instead I picked up my embroidery again, and I finished a scarf.
These things relax me so much.
Here some pictures to share,
the weather was not very nice lately, but in the afternoon, it was lovely today and I sat outside stitching a few hours today.I finished a bear, and in the evening I finished a pincushion.
I received a lovely book today by Cecile Franconie, " un instant dans mon atelier"
she is so good with her needle and embroidery ribbon, she explains very well (In french)
here is the link to her blog

Sorry there will be a lot of pictures, because it has been a while.:)

 I spent some days on the Belgian coast( cold)
So started a scarf
 Last week I finished this bear, his name is Han, and he is here in the shop

 I am totally absorbed by embroidery now and look at flowers in a different way now, I now see ribbons and floss instead :)

 a bird in the sky
 Milan, always there

 And I received Cuni water solube wax paint yesterday, and made some strokes, it looks really like fun paint, here is the tempting promotion video, Cuni really looks like the perfect paint, to do , what ever.

 Here is the new bear from today, no name yet.

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

No time for bears

I am very busy, working on a comic book now for my publisher, so I haven't really got time, to invent new bears.
But in the evenings I'm totally in to crochet now! , Hooked to hooking :)
So her some pictures of some projects I am working on (so relaxing after a day's work!)
And a few bears I managed to make in the last weeks
The bears are available on bearpile, (exept for the green bear,he is already adopted)