Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Making a display for your earrings out of an old picture frame

I found this old damaged frame at a flea market in Antwerp, ready to land in the container that collects all unsold things. There was an ugly oil painting in it, but I had the idea to use these to make a frame for the earrings I sell on markets, so I picked up the frame and carried it home, all the way to the station and on the train.

 First thing to do:
cut out the oil painting canvas but keep the wooden frame where this was pinned on
clean the frame and paint it with water based lacquer paint, cover your work table and paint everything.

 Cover the gilded parts with paint, and don't wait to long to whipe these parts clean again, with a clean damp cloth.
Only whipe away the upper parts , leave some paint in the gaps and holes(sorry for the bad english)

 always take care to turn your cloth, to work with clean parts, rinse your cloth one or two times. Take off as much paint as you want
 After the cleaning, make some retouches of paint that came off, on those parts that needed paint

 let everything dry

 Take the canvas frame and make holes in the sides.
Pul wire trough those holes and fix the wire with pins

 Paint this frame with a colour that matches the outer frame, leave to dry

 Take a piece of cardboard as big as your inner frame (with the wire) cover it with a decorative paper with glue and pin it on the back of your inner frame, I used a paper bag from a shop.
 place the inner frame in the outer frame and use duck tape to keep in in place,
you now have a rack to hang on your earrings :)

Good luck!

Tarte tatin

I made this "tarte" for my daughters 21th birthday :)


Monday, July 1, 2013

SUMMER SALES in Etsy shop

There Are no sales applied on other bears of Pussman & co that are not listed in my shop at this moment. You can purchase those other bears via bearpile or by contacting me at

s 15% percentage is for all items above 24USD in my etsy shop.