Thursday, March 31, 2011

Almost finished and back to blogging

I have had so much work lately, that I didn't have a lot of time for blogging.
I nearly finished a big book, for my illustration work. 160 pages thick and a lot of drawings to make,(I hope to finish it tomorrow, and then i want to have a little celebration this week-end.)
so there was really no time left for bears and blogging.

But in the evenings, while I watch TV, I have gone one making some bears and I will share some pictures today.
I will gradually post them on bearpile and etsy. But, also, AND THIS IS IMPORTANT! on the new pussman&co shop
This is important for you to, because I will be listing the bears on this blog, with 5% discount.
This is to encourage people to buy directly from me.
The check-out system is the same as on bear pile.

I have been working in the garden a lot, the last 2 week-ends, the weather was super! Everything has got a real sun boost and is growing spectacular.

Already some colour in the garden, spring is my favorit!

I also have made some changes in my little bear studio, and am pleased about it, it is difficult to stay organised, especially with so much things in such a small house,
I am lucky my husband is a messmaker to, so he wont pick on me, about this :)
I have arranged a small photostudio in the corner of our living room (on top of a chinise box, with lots of drawers. I treasured it, but never really used it.), and with the help of a strong hanging lamp and a piece of paper, it's much easier to take my bear pictures.
The Chinese box is really great to keep all my stuff organised, like buttons, ribbons, scissors, little charms, glue, cotterpins, little books etc....
And i wrapped all my ribbons on cards and they look great!!
I really enjoy my little bear sudio.

And then off course! My two companions day in day out! Milan and Vroefke, they never leave my side.
Vroefke(the cat) really likes helping out and Milan(dog) is a good critic.

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Spring is in the air(both adopted)

And I felt like making some sparkling bears. Here are Lemony and Barry.

You can see more pictures of them on the "Pussmanstuffies" blog and to adopt you can go to the "Pussmanshop"

Monday, March 14, 2011

New blog for orphans

The online show is finished now.
Unfortunatly only one bear has found a home. :(
But I am not complaining, I had a huge amount of first time visitors and I had some new subscribers to new bears.

 I decided to keep the show page to try and sell bears directly, instead of the bearpile and Etsy shop.
So please visit the orphans if you are interested on my "available bears blog"

Friday, March 11, 2011

Not enough time

You see, how empty my desk is?
My sewing machine with no bears to stitch??
It will be like this for a while now.

I have so much work to do, all these illustrations, I can not see the end yet!
It has been already 2 months I work on the same book and still it's not finished.
160 pages and almost on every page a drawing!!!
And that's not the end, more work after that!
I woud love to cut down on my drawing work and spend more time, organising my bear making.

And my arm hurts from coloring with the wacom all day!!
And I have a computer elbow too!
And a frozen shoulder to!
Just wanted to complain a little bit, ;O

And you see the dog??
He is in love with all the female dogs in the neighborhood at this moment and he cries all day, and he wants to go out, in ,out, in,out,in... again!!!
OOOO he makes me crazy!!! HIM MAKE ME CRASIE
This flat bear, has just taken a red bath, But he dates from last week-end, I didn't have time to take his picture yet! I will post him one of these days, have to find a name also!!
Maybe it will be a girl.
I have receaved some lovely vintage dresses in the mail.


Ooh, and don't forget to visit the "online bear show" tomorrow, 8AM NY time