Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Some pictures of our first day in Sicily, Taormina

Taormina is such a pretty place, and we had a flight directly from Brussels to Catania (not far from Taormina) So it was really worthed.
 After a sweet breakfast in the local bar with capucino (the best)
Italians really have a sweet teeth for breakfast, and so have I, :)
to get rid of all the extra calories we started our first day with a walk in the public garden, it was beautyful.

This old hotel was really photogenic

 We sunbathed on this little island (Bella isola) after our descent from almost 1 hour! I felt my legs, I can tell you that.
In the evening we took the cable lift to get back to the village center.

They get scared when he stops smoking, because then it could errupt.

(both adopted) Muddie and Mr. Brumble

Special post for Rachel.
 Hello Rachel, As you requested, here some pictures with your Muddie and Mr. Brumble together, to see how they match.
I added some profile pictures as you requested.
I will ship Muddie tomorrow.

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Bruges bear fair

Hi, I will post some pictures of the bear fair in Bruges,
It was not a succes I have to say,
The weather that week-end was so lovely, the best this summer, so just nobody came to the fair, after all this rain! GRRRRRRRR

Lucky for me I was very fortunated to meet a very sweet Russian lady, who sat next to me, she had wonderfull bears and had a shop in Praag. You can visit the shop "here " 
Her name is Marina Dorogush and she also makes bears.

And it was so hot in the big room, but it was a lovely setting!

In the evening, me and my husband had a lovely meal in a good restaurant and we had a long late night walk.
I never visited Bruges in the dark, it was lovely, so funny to be tourist in your own country, I am not used to that, 
Belgium is just to smal for that, but I loved it!

Look at the Belgium chocolat in that shop window!! Lucky for me, the shop was closed, or I had to have some, yummi :)