Monday, March 24, 2014

New bear Emil and studio update

After struggling finishing this teddy, 
I spend the afternoon making the back cushion, for the bench in my studio.

 It really felt like spring today, perfect for some d.i.y. work.

 All materials gathered for the big job, hmmm,

 Hope the fabric will be big enough in the end, after tucking in all the buttons
 This here is my little stove, I don't know how it is called you can learn about it "here"
 This is the inside of my stove
 The first buttons getting through, it is hard to find the holes in the wooden backing. I have to pull 26 buttons in the cushion, All old buttons I found in my button stack.
 Securing the buttons, I used wax tread, (the same I use to pull in my bears eyes)

 And almost finished
 It fits!!!! :D

 I still have to make a cover for the mattress later
 This was the closet I talked about earlier, an A3 sheets fits in these trays, and you can pull these trays out

And I just could not resist, to put down a bottle with fresh flowers from the garden.

Thursday, March 20, 2014

mobile home trailer(studio)

Here some more pictures of my progress on  my studio on wheels.
I haven't been able do do a lot, because the trailer is still on the outside of our fence, and I want to insulate the floor, but I best wait until the whole thing has been lifted over the fence and hedge into our garden! :(
This idea really scares me, but everyone agrees it is the easiest way.
In the meanwhile, I got some more finds that I put into the trailer( I will call it studio from now on)
I made a shelf above one window today, and went on a search in my piles of fabric, tucked away in boxes, and found all kinds of fabric to make curtains, upholstery etc....
So it makes it really difficult to decide, what to take. I would love to use fabric, that is lying around, because, I really want to keep this low budget.
 What I want to do is make a cover on the matrass for the bench and then make a diamond tufted backboard with foam. To make it look like a couch.Found a good tutorial :here

 I haven't decided on the curtains, maybe turquoise, or the simpler more delicate piece of fabric with brown and salmon flowers on it. Maybe the turquoise is to flashy?
 I also found a very rare odd piece of furniture, to keep my canvasses and paints, I will take better pictures of it later.
Really I can't wait to gather all my art materials and fill this studio up with stuff.
I am completely absorbed by this, and It is such a busy time here.
I hardly get some sewing done lately. Bear making is slow at the moment.
Also our garden screams for attention, it is so hot now for the time of the year, and all the plants or growing like mad. And the weeds to :)

 One thing I want (not 100 % sure of yet)
I think that I will ban internet in the studio, because I am spending to much time in front of my computer lately.
This is really hard for me to decide, I think I am hooked on it. But it might give me some peace, if that studio would be internet free. No WIFI, nothing.
I have to think about this ;)

 The floor will get wooden floorboards with insulation underneath, so my feet will keep nice and warm in winter.
 I have found this cute little table in the eco store in Antwerp.
Got it for half the price :)

Hope to show more next time.

Monday, March 10, 2014

Playing with and in my new toy :D

 I want at least one wall in a warm color

 I made a cushion in the car, driving to Wiesbaden teddy show this weekend

 Here comes a couch
 To big, but we will fix that! ;)
 a present from my daughter for decoration
 Things I find and I can use

 I will use this display also in the van

Oeps not enough paint!! and shop is closed :( well patience is a good thing