Wednesday, April 25, 2007

new book

I always like to receive new books that are printed from my publisher. Most of the time I'm disappointed, this time it's OK. But my drawings seem to become bigger and bigger.

needle felt pussman

And to finish, a nice ribbon and a bell!
I'm satisfied for the moment.
It was already very late!

With embroidery tread I make a nose and 2 eyes( I think the eyes have turned out too small?)
more arm and legs and a tail and I'm almost finished. I thing my animal is not quite "firm" enough but thing have to go quick with me. I put some more grey spots and its OK!
But now??
Emily had kind of a duck lookalike,
Then i decided to put a grey ear, and ... it became a pussy!
And now i had to try the arms! I really loved doing this. Mmmm

Danger, strong change off addiction!!!
They should be mentioning this on this needle felt materials. Yesterday the lady of the "cats & Quilt blog" convinced me to try one. So we drove to the shop en (off course!) I was immediately infected! So after a hard day of work i tried it out. In the beginning i thought; no this is going nowhere, i did not know at that stage what i was making. But constantly pricking with my needle i got a little grip on it. It was so relaxing! My daughter could not sit and watch so she joined me,Also not knowing what she was going to make. After a while i got a head and a little body.

Monday, April 23, 2007

wooden hearts

kitchen tiles

I'm always inspired by beautiful tiles and ceramics, from now on i will begin an archive of them when i see them.

archeology in the garden

When spitting the soil to make my new border, we discovered this cute soap container, This must have been sitting there from the 60tees i guess. I store this in my kitchen.

flower bag

This bag is made of wool fabric.
The flowers are cut out in different colors of felt and then embroidered on the bag.


this one i made to keep our self made bread fresh! We kept on baking for a long time(it must have been over a year) but then we stopped. The children called it pre-historic bread. because the took big humps of it to school. They could not cut it in proper slices. I mis the smell of this freshly baked bread. It used to climb up into our attic bedroom, then you could fall asleep with that lovely smell!!mmm must bake again!!

border week by week

now it really seems to go fast.

Friday, April 20, 2007

Mondello,Italy, summer holiday

We rented this house in Sicily for our summer Holiday. Looks nice! Hopefully it won't be to warm in July.