Monday, March 23, 2009


thank you Lena for my award:)

7 things I love are:

1)My children
2)My partner
3) Milan (my dog)
4)Vroefke (my cat)
5) sleep long in the morning
6)working in the garden
7)riding my Vespa in the sun and miniatures(hoo I almost forgot!!)

If you look at my profile you will find the blogs that I follow and I would like to pass the award on everyone of them.

Monday, March 16, 2009

home alone

Again I enjoyed being alone tonight(Tai chi for the husband)
And I don't know why, but making miniatures is a lot more fun and relaxing then.
So I began to make a dresser with a lot of drawers, Will finish it later.
I want a big one like this, to put all my crafting stuff in.
Anybody suggestions for the handles?
Maybe polymer clay that I give a silver coating.
All ideas are welcome:)

made by Emily

My daughter made her second stuffed animal this week. An elephant. I adore him, he is so cudly and cute. I would love to adopt him.
Maybe she will give it to me.

garden planning

How it is now(click here)
No miniatures or crafting this week-end, but working in the garden.
I have been planning also, this is what I came up with.
You can see how it is and how I want it to be.
It is very difficult to plan a garden where you don't live yet, but I have to begin somehow!Because now is the season and I want to move my plants also!

Saturday, March 14, 2009

2 awards

Thank you Rosanna for giving me this blog award and thank you Minicat for giving me the sisterhood award.
I will pas them trough to some blogs that I have in my link list but not especially miniaturists ,
otherwise we keep running in circles.
All of them you can find in my link list, (I do not know how to paste links into my posts)
For the awarded people(just pick your award)

The award goes to;1)Crazy bird (she makes all kinds of things and has nice pictures, she lives in Russia)
2)Double happiness(she makes beautiful paperworks)
3)Inside a black apple( she makes beautiful dolls and paintings)
4)face hunter( he is a photographer and takes pictures off special people in various city's)I love watching this blog
5)Isas little world( she has a beautiful blog with lovely pictures and links(they will inspire you for the minies (I love listening to her playlist to:)
6)Emmi's illustration blog( she can draw beautiful things)
7)Cats & Quilts( she's my best friend, has a lovely fresh blog , loves her cats and knits real well;)
8)The cheap vegetable gardener( When you love gardening, there are wonderfull tips on this blog)
9)Mimi Kirchner ( she makes the most beautiful dolls)
10)Jessie Hartland( she has lovely art)

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Little table

In all our stress I managed to make a little table this evening and I painted it and I finished the cabinet too, But the handles keep coming off!
What kind of glue should I use to attach aluminium to wood?
I lined the drawers and the bottom shelf with scrapbook paper and I think it has a cosier look that way!
I enjoyed making it and it relaxes me.
But my eyes are getting worse, I think I will buy a magnifiing lamp,(Help, how do you spell this?)

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

we once had a lovely wooden floor!

This are a few shots of our living room.
Now you can see why I have not been blogging the last few days:)
To many worries.
But they delivered new wood this morning ( while it was raining! OF COURSE!!!!)
I think everything will turn out well in the end!
I hope we will have enough time,
6 weeks to get everything done!

Saturday, March 7, 2009

just a few things in between

I love to put containers on my desk to put all my stuff in, but I like them to look good
(the containers)
One night when crocheting in front of the TV(to keep me awake)
I was just doing some colours for a bag or something , did not yet know what.
I decided that it would look lovely to wrap around empty food tins to use as containers. this is the result, and the leopard was made by Emily (My daughter)I think he's cute.
This is an empty tin of nestle powder milk, which I wrapped with scrapbook paper and the green thing, is something I found on the street (I do not know what it is) I liked the colour and it is perfect to keep my tacky glue in the right position, I hate it to wait until the glue runs down
And then some books I ordered on amazon (again an addiction)
They are lovely! good to use up my tons of fabric.

There is always a positive side

when we had to drive almost 600km, a few days ago, to look at the new floor we had to order, I kept myself a little bit busy in the car making this bed covering.
What else could I do?
I know it is a little bit rough, but I'm not patient enough to crochet with very fine crochet pens.

Friday, March 6, 2009

bad luck

We had some bad luck in the new house,Last sunday we where relaxing in the pub and I told my friends that the works where almost finished in the new house and that we where pleased etc...
But I did not "touch wood"
So on Monday everything went wrong. there was a corner in our living room where the floor was a little bit lower than elsewhere, and in the fall I had noticed, that on that corner there where growing mushrooms on the external wall on that spot, so I liked it to be examined before we moved in. I must have felt it, I think, nobody else suspected anything. So they took a few wood panels out of the floor(Nearly 100years old pitch pine)and the supporting beams in that corner where a complete mess, Half off them weren't even supporting any more ( excuse my bad English)
So we had to decide if we would fix it and take the chance there where no other rotten places, or take all the floor out!
But the floor can not be taken out without being ruined.
There is non isolation beneath it, and it was kind a cold on your legs in winter.
So we decided to take the floor out (A lot of mess and a lot of money)
But I tell you the rest later + some pictures, have to go and get my daughter from a party.
Tats not all folks. That was the living room part.but...
(I still love the house)

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

doormat and a shelf

this is all I used to make the shelve! Very simple as you can see. and the hooks are made from wire.

I had a couple hours of my own this afternoon and I enjoyed making this doormat and shelve.
It is the first time that I made a piece of furniture with cardboard and I really liked it!
I like the result to, It goes faster than with real wood and ...(much cheaper to)
The glue sticks better.
Mmmm, it relaxed me a little bit.
Because we have a little bit of misfortune in the house, but I will tell you about this later!

Monday, March 2, 2009

witch house in trouble

Today I took a look inside the witch house and I wonder how you begin a cleaning and tidying operation in a dolls house?
A few times I started doing this, but everything has this wax on it,
because the house used to move a lot in the past and I fixed everything with tacky wax, but it has become dirty and sticky now and I want to take it off. Someone any suggestions?
The picture is not very nice because I had to use the flash.

A little bit creepy :(

Isn't this a little bit creepy? A children bed, filled with body-parts?
I want to try, and make a doll, but I still have to buy some tape.
You know? Getting an award is fun, especially the first time, but it brings a lot of work to,
It was very hard to choose al the blogs, and I have forgotten how to create a link in the post, Sorry for this.
Copy paste will have to do the job! Ooh, excuse my English!!

5 awards

I give the 5 awards too;(Very dificuld and it took me a long time!)

1)Natasha Fadeeva
Nobody makes more beautiful furry animals than her
2)St├ęphanie (
Because off all the wonderful food and the salmon tutorial(Thank YOU!)
3)Sylvia (
Because of the wonderful attractive rooms she makes, and she is a very kind person to:)
4)Linda Carswell(
Because her blog is a real beauty
Because her work is very detailed and so unique and personal.

An award

Thanks Mercedes(from Liberty Biberty) for giving me this award.
I feel that maybe I do not deserve this award, because I am such a newcommer in the miniature world, and there is so much I have to learn, but I am very glad!:D

The rules connected to this award are;Write down 5 addictions

Well, here are 5...
1)I'm addicted at making things, this could be all kinds off thing, book shelves, multiply plants, painting, a miniature, a knitting things, crochet,stitching, fimo, clay, throwing a pot......
A day without creating something is a lost day for me.
3)movies, I like to watch movies,
and even if it is a bad one, I like to know how it ends.
4)Fabric and lovely paper and sketch books.
I have so many fabrics to fill 3 lifetimes.I will never be able to use them all!
Every blank piece of paper, lying around somewhere, is full with little drawing within a couple of day's
They call it droodles I think.


This morning I went to my blog and it was totally empty! Panic came over me.
After a few attempts that lead nowhere, I realised that I just did not post yet in March.
Pfff, what a relief!!

I wonder how visitors see my blog.
Maybe they come and visit and see nothing?
I hope not

I will post this quickie, (because got to get to work)
My daughter dressed up as Amy Winehouse and het friend(Paris Hilton)
The daughter of Sabine(cats & quilts, see my link list)
Oh, and our dog ,Milan to.