Tuesday, August 21, 2007


Things I like, I have a slight addiction for china & I have been having it for a long time...

Sunday, August 19, 2007

the pond with baby fish

It has been a few weeks now that I started with feeding the fish, and they start to show themselves little by little. At first after the winter it seemed that there where no fish left, But there are a lot of them. We even have new black babies of the gold fish (I think) And a few little shiboungkins. I spend all my time watching the fish. It is part of my heeling process.

unloading boxes

I have been unloading moving boxes that had been unpacked for over 4 years and I found a lot of stuff, f.e. these 2 boomerangs. Homemade by Hugo.

flowers for comfort

my grown ripple & border

I know it is very impolite to let a blog wait for such a long time. but I have my reasons. I have been away on a holiday in Sicily and I had a lot going on over here. I'm surprised I even post something wright now, because a week ago I was thinking of stopping it. I seem to have lost my interest in almost everything. Advise is always welcome. I have been sleeping "a lot" the last 10 days and this helps me. So here are the first pictures...