Friday, June 29, 2007


These 2 fabrics I bought to make a plunk. I think it will be a little bit difficult, because off the special nose shape, I have made a few sketches already. Will be posting the finished one off course. Plunk is a "Belgium Quality strip figure" made by Cromheecke & Letzer

A lot of sewing to do...

I discovered a shop somewhere in the neighbourhood and the fabric is soo cheep there, that you simply can't resist buying "a lot" of it. It satisfies me so much and I see so many things I would like to make. I hope I will find some time to do it. I already made a blouse of one of them.

more pussmans to come

It takes a while, but I certainly will be making more pussmans! Even a painting in progress!!

Thursday, June 21, 2007

no blogging lately

I have to apologise for not blogging lately. I don't know why but I don't seem to have any inspiration. I am tired lately and not in the mood to do anything. My work is progressing slowly slowly. Everything is too much. I'm in need of a good vacation and want to sleep!
The weather is so ugly in Belgium, maybe that has something to do with it.
Also the last exams (from the children) are almost there and that brings a lot of tension.
It's like a shy girl, who doesn't know what to say.
So, maybe tomorrow I will be taking pictures. I will post another pic. of Vroefke, Of her I have loads of photo's.

Friday, June 15, 2007

mystery mail package

Hi, this is what was in the mystery package a few day's ago. It is a Japanese, Burmese or Chinese writing box. If anyone could tell me it's origin I would be very glad. I'm very happy with it. It was very, very dirty and some of the hinges were missing.It is a very old box. I repaired it as good as I could, but it still needs a new lock. I am going to use it for storing my oil paint etc... There is even a big space behind the shelves where you can put your canvas etc... This box can stay in the living room, so that, when I want to paint, I have everything by hand. Because this is often the problem with lazy people (like me). That when they want to do something in the evening, and it is to much work to take everything out, they end up doing nothing.
Vroefke has already fully examined the box and she tells me it's okay.

already a little bit.

Wednesday, June 13, 2007


I want to start rippling today. I went to the shop today and bought me some colors to get started. I have to have something on hand to do on our holiday in Sicily. I love the colors, and am so curious how it will turn out. I already practiced a little piece.

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

hooo, just leave me alone now, with your stupid camera!

spooky head

This are postings of the spooky face that hangs on our garage in the garden. This has to protect us from evil spirits. I think it might work. because we only have good spirits over here. The tooth are real human teeth I think. It has been bought in Switzerland. It had long black hear, but this has felled of. The original purpose of this face is to protect cattle.

The strange pattern (an air photograph of the amazon rain forest) on this door, are made by snails in the moss. I like this. The colors are so beautiful.

border week by week

still growing... :)

You can click on border and than you can see how it has been growing.

miss quilter

This Pelargonium is called miss quilter. Funny name, but I like the plant, it is so old fashioned. The painting is by Elisabeth heuff I hope she doesn't mind that I used it on my blog.


I received a package yesterday morning. I was expecting it for a long time. Later I will be posting what it is.


we had this after lunch yesterday, at a sort of reunion from an earlier coarse I took. The "dessert" was heavenly.Raspberries with mascarpone and meringue, mmmm... Goodbye Michel Montignac!


I want to paint again, but it is very difficult. I have forgotten everything and all is going wrong. I tried to make an illustration in oil paint, but nothing seems to work. But I will keep on trying in the evenings and maybe, I can relearn it! I will post my disappointment, but don't take it seriously: (

Tuesday, June 5, 2007

photoshop droedels, doodles

I have made a few items in my pussmanshop, please visit it!

mmmm, wish I had more time to discover all about photoshop. I always discover new brushes etc...