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sunny Sunday

Having less illustration work those last 2 weeks is so relaxing, I really enjoy.
I made some  progress cleaning up the house, and clearing out things.
And the weather is improving also, so what  could be better.
Yesterday was a Sunday without telephones, obligations, work, only myself and my husband at home, and I enjoyed every minute; I did a little gardening, dyed a few pieces of mohair, did some sewing on a bear, listened a lot at my audio book( while stitching) mmmm, took a long bath and had a lovely meal in the evening and saw the last episode (together with friends) of the walking death (:) ) season 2.
Sorry, can't help liking some kitsch series  :)

And the first poppy of this year opened (my favorite flower)
But the battery of my camera went flat, so I was to late and she already closed to go to sleep, but even closed, she still looked beautiful, hope she opens up tomorrow.
Well that's all, I just wanted to share some pictures.

 The mini vegetable plot
 Hey, we are  still here

 The best machine for stitching bears :)

 a small result of the tidying (this sink was dark grey, covered in oil paint, before I took this picture)
it's in our studio

 nearly finished, resting on a colorful pile of freshly dyed mohair
She is always around, but be careful to touch, at your own risk! ;)