Friday, February 1, 2008

book nr 3



Carol said...

Hello Danielle

I am also having trouble posting a comment!
I'm happy you were finally able to leave a comment on my 'Balance' post. Thank You.
Also, this month I will be writing about some of my favorite blogs and will be doing a post about your wonderful blog.
I hope that will be okay with you.

Cally said...

Hi Danielle
Thanks for visiting and commenting on my blog. I just went to you other site with the stuffies, great music, it cheered me right up. i like that you work with black fabric, many people are scared to try but it looks so good. and your dog, he's lovely, i like his messy look :0)

rosa p. said...

hi danielle!
thank you for visiting my blog!
yes, i made the little doll several years ago. she is made of linnen and wool.
i like your blog and what you are doing! the painted and sewed cats, your dog and your books!
take care!