Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Keith(adopted) and Baa bear

These are Keith (little) and Baa bear.
Totally different but best friends.
They are both new patterns and I feel so happy about them.
It is very pleasent for me to be able to make some smaller projects to, to bring more differentiality into my work.
I like changing and work out new ideas, I hope you like Keith, the smaller one.
Baa bear is a lovely classic looking bear, he is so cuddly.
He has a firm feel, firmly stuffed like all my bears. He also has a growler that sounds very cute, when you flip him he does baaaauuua.
He will be up for adoption later in my etsy and bearpile shop.
I hope you like them both.
They are both gently aged to give them the worn look.


Mare said...

The are both so adorable!

June said...

Keith is lovely!