Thursday, February 2, 2017

I pad sleeve

I have been asked to teach some embroidery at a shop in Antwerp, so that might have sparkled my enthusiasm,  to design a new project, a little again. I have neglected my blog for such a long time now, I think Facebook, Pinterest and Instagram have replaced it. But I am reluctant to give up my blog, so I will give it a go once more.
I am working on an iPad sleeve, (to be able to make something useful), because my drawers are stocked up with useless beautiful embroidery works, It is a pity really.
Well here are pictures, I hope they please you. It is not all finished, but more pictures will follow :)

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Yve said...

Your work is always gorgeous and a joy to see :o) How funny that today, when I finally have some time on my hands and came back wondering if Blogger was dead... here you are determined to restart your blog too. I miss writing about my crafty stuff, Facebook is really toxic at the moment too, plus they seem hell-bent on making sure artists cannot reach beyond their own immediate network anymore. Maybe I will try and breathe some life back into my blog too