Monday, November 26, 2007

help, all these living things!

I have plants in my house everywhere in wintertime, I move them inside to protect them from the cold, but they're everywhere and there not even looking good. Normally when spring is arriving they tend to get on my nerves, but now it is only November and I want them out. There everywhere, and it takes a lot of work to water them. maybe I will move a few to the garage, I did that last year, but then I feel pity for them....Grrrr

These pictures are only a fraction of them. The big one is an avocado plant and I have two little ones outside, but they always grow on my compost heap, what to do with them??

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carmen encinas "PIRIÑACA" said...

siento no hablar ni inglés ni frances..... me ha gustado mucho lo que haces,tus gatos son magníficos y tu perro se parece muchísimo a mi perra, pero sin bigote!!!
tienes un blog preciosooooooooo! felicidades
un saludo