Thursday, November 15, 2007

new studio

I was painting very little lately, hardly new how to do it anymore, most off the time because I was too lazy to get all my stuff and my studio upstairs is to small. I have to draw and work there and don't want to paint there, Now I got the idea of just putting all my stuff on the windowsill in the living room and everything else, my brushes, water, pallets, paper, all in the room where I sit to relax, and really it helps, I always want to paint now, my appetite for it has come back. Also of course because I have more time now, I have worked on a big project for the last 2 years and that is finished now. I enjoy it!


Delfine said...

Thanks for the comment on my blog and the link here ! My English is very bad … I keep your blog on my favorite to come back soon :^)

Carol said...

Lovely work space. Very nice with all your paints lined up and waiting. Yes, I think it helps to sit by the window. What wonderful work you do!
Thanks for the comments on my blog too!