Thursday, December 2, 2010


Remember, still 4 days to join the giveaway! Very few people joined, so you have a big chance to win this one! :)
Here is the post again:

Hi I am organising a giveaway to celebrate my fist year of Teddybear making on the internet!
This is a lovely teddy bear book with lots and lots of pictures in it!
Every bear collector and maker should have it! I bought this one on amazon.
He is still for sale, but you can get it for free if:
You post the picture of this book on your blog and link it back to this blog, and make a comment on this post, so I can (maybe) draw you as the winner.

I will pick a winner on dec 6 on Saint Nicolas birthday! :)



Natalia said...
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Natalia said...

Can I take part in your candy? I like your blog and works. :)