Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Julian and Hopper(both adopted)

Hopper(green) 11" (27cm) is made from sparse, German hand dyed ohair,
It felt just right to make him a warm woolen scarf for those cold days now.
Hopper is fully jointed with cotterpins and filled with polyester fiber. His nose and paws are cotton,his eyes are glass.
Hopper is hoping to be adopted by someone nice and sweet.

They are both for sale on "bearpile" and "etsy"

Julian(blue) is made of hand dyed sparse mohair, he is 12"(30cm) tall and is fully jointed with cotterpins.
Julian has brown glass eyes and a woolen scarf,hold together with a badge. I crocheted a funny short trouser for him, and he was very happy.
He looks like a big boy, but, he still needs lots of hugging.
He is stuffed with polyester fiber and has a cotton nose and paws.


Joanne@ Desertmountainbear said...

They are all so cute Danielle. I love the colors, and of course the little pants

June said...

Dear Danielle,
Thank you for your kind comments. The bears are well settled. I will take another photo of them soon and put it on the blog.

TopazTurtle said...

They're so cute. I love scruffy bears.

TopazTurtle said...
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